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XDCrystals was brought together by the healing power of Crystals to combine the power of blockchain and Crystals. We created our token GEM with a treasury that will be backed by one of the rarest crystals in the world Moldavite. In order to receive GEM  you can purchase on xSwap DEX or get an airdrop from The Sacred Gem NFT collection. Our Sacred Gem Collection has 377 NFTs split in 3 tiers that get an airdrop of GEM , monthly GEM staking for 5 years, and physical crystals shipped directly to you. In order to receive 1 of only 44 Mythical Crystal you must collect all 3 tiers. Mythical crystals will also get monthly staking and will receive 10% of sales via shards from the Crystal Marketplace Dapp we are building that you can exchange XDC, GEM, or our partner tokens (HEALTH, CODEX, XLIST, XBIBLX) for crystals shipped directly to you.

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